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Friday, July 10, 2009

When are we going to get some Moderation

Why is that everyone seems to be convinced that everything is black or white? "You're either for us or against us". Your a Conservative or a Liberal. I believe the vast majority of folks are in the middle. It's the old statistical bell curve. Being a moderate doesn't necessarily mean you can't make up our mind. It means you see both sides. Let me give a couple of examples of what I believe are moderate stances on important issues.

GAS PRICES - Should we drill or find alternative source? - For gods sake do both. Drill where it is safe and won't ruin the coastline and important land. And put money into new sources of fuel. Both will take years to develop so at the same time find ways to conserve. Produce more small cars. Improve mass transit. Encourage car pooling, walking and bicycles.

THE IRAQ WAR - Should we get out or stay until the job is done? - Again it's a little of both. The longer we stay the more of a problem it is. The people over there don't really want us there. It's costing us a fortune. We are wearing out our military. Since we are there and can't change the past we have a responsibility to get out without creating a situation that will escalate into an all out middle east war. We need a better plan for getting the Iraqi government on it's feet. We need to set some benchmarks to know when it is time to leave. And start removing troops and equipment that aren't used for peace keeping. The surge seems to have had a positive affect but it means nothing if we don't use it to make progress in other areas. Get out as soon as we can. Don't be afraid to negotiate.

See was that so hard? Learn to look at both sides of an issue. Look for common ground and ways to compromise. Be willing to change as you learn knew facts. And remember, "A little flip flopping never hurt anybody". There is often a good reason for it.

Jeff Jones
August 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Childhood Memory

Christmas, my Daddy, work extra for the woman who owned the farm so he would have money to buy presents. On Christmas Eve, when he went to get paid she was gone, she went to spend Christmas with her daughter. That was the first time I had heard my Daddy cry.

When we got up on Christmas morning there were no presents to open. When they told us what had happened we understood, mainly because we knew how upset they were. Our Grandpa, the preacher, came later in the day with oranges and coloring books that had been brought to the church for the needy. At that time we sure were needy but we had a good dinner. The next day the woman returned home and paid Daddy like it was any other day not caring what she had done to him on Christmas Eve. Then Mother and Daddy went shopping. We got the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen. Maybe it was because of what had happened that were more grateful for having them.

Every Christmas after that one was more special to us.

Betty Jones

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Getting Out of Mowing The Lawn

Many of you reading this post have been the designed lawn mower in your household at some time. Wouldn't you think that the brilliance that landed a man on the moon could figure out how to get a machine that will automatically mow the lawn? And living in the hotbed of inventions that we call the Miami Valley, couldn't someone here do that?

You bet!

ION Autonomous Lawnmover CompetitionOver the last weekend, there was a unique competition held at Wright State. Well, perhaps "unique" isn't the best choice of words because this same competition was held here last year as well. The Institute of Navigation (ION) held its fourth annual Autonomous Lawnmower Competition. Each of the eight competing teams engineered a lawn mower to work without human intervention until the lawn is mowed. The mowers used differential global positioning system techniques as well as lasers and sonar for guidance. Talk about using technology to solve practical, daily living problems!

The WSU AutoMow team with its MOBOTThe competition consisted of two phases. The static phase required the mower to cover a rectangular patch of lawn. The dynamic phase required the mower to trim an L shaped lawn while avoiding a moving obstacle. For safety reasons, the mover can't move faster than six miles per hour. Teams represented Ecole de Technologie Superieure in Quebec, Florida State University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Miami University, Ohio University (last year's winner), University of Evansville, University of Minnesota in Duluth, and our own Wright State University.

Last year, WSU came in third place, but this year, they WON! In addition to a hefty cash award, the 11-member team advised by Dr. Kuldip Rattan, a WSU professor of electrical and computer engineering, also gets to present its mower at the ION Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) conference, assorted press coverage, and a competition video will be distributed to companies in the industry. Talk about a great resume addition for the lucky engineering students!

Maybe we will see a robotic lawn mover in our lives that rivals anything that George Jetson could have purchased (if he had a lawn, that is) and we will all thank WSU alumni for their contributions.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Old Fairborn Theatre Holds Many Fond Memories

As Fairborn is my home town I was pleased to see the interest in the old Fairborn Theatre which holds many fond memories from my youth. The best were probably Summer Downtown Fairborn Days where all the kids were dropped off for Wednesday afternoon movies while the Mom's went shopping downtown.

If you clipped a coupon from the Fairborn Daily Herald you got in for a dime, and could get a box of popcorn and a fountain drink for 25 cents. In the days before everybody having air conditioning that alone made it special, but the monster movies, The 3 Stooges, Abbott and Costello, "B" and "C" -Sci-Fi, and cartoons were a blast. Also, numbers written on the bottom of the popcorn boxes which would be drawn for prizes and on occasion the ushers would dress up in monster costumes and run up and down the aisles.

Two things:

1) perhaps a recreations of those summer afternoons would be a big money maker....even if you had it in the evening anytime of year. I know I'd round up some kids to bring ;)

2) I heard that you may be selling off the old theatre seats and my boss was very interested in that. (OK, I am too LOL)

You can reach me by reply, or during the day at xxx-xxxx ext xxx here at the factory in Dayton.

Best regards.....

Alan Schierenbeck,
Fairborn Baker Class of ''75


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Skyhawk Marching Band Winning Season (so far)

The Skyhawk Marching Band of Fairborn High School is having an outstanding season.

On Saturday, September 9th, the band earned second place in the Piqua Invitational of the Mid-States Band Association.

On Saturday, September 30th, the band won the Group IV division of the Third Annual Wildcat Spectacular Tournament of Bands hosted by Arundel High School in Gambrills, Maryland, and swept the competition by earning the highest score of the day and receiving the awards for Best Brass, Best Guard, and Best Percussion. This win was especially sweet for the band's director, Ed Nagel, who used to live in Severna Park, Maryland.

Later that day, the band also won first place, overall high score, and Best Guard at Glen Burnie's Tournament of Bands.

This weekend, they are hosting their annual Fairborn Festival of Bands at Baker Middle School, sanctioned by Mid-States Band Association (MSBA).

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Local Filmmakers Shine

Sunday night, I had the opportunity to see a the premier of the movie Doris and Balls: Behind Enemy Mimes at the Regal Hollywood 20 by the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek. It was awesome. I laughed the whole way through it.

The creative team behind the movie are recent Fairborn High School grads Jimmy Barker, Sean Cruser, Micah Kemplin, and Miles Vanderkolk. This team has been working together for two years on short films and have won several awards at film festivals, including the Sundog regional film festival (grades 8-12) in Yellow Springs. They won first place in the Falcon Film Festival for freshman at Bowling Green State University with their film Freshman Life: A Filmmaker's Perspective which tells the story of festival winners and Jimmy was honored as Best Actor.

The second installment of the Doris and Balls franchise, the movie weaves the story of two veteran detectives named Doris and Balls and their fight against a mime who has joined forces with F.E.T.U.S., a terrorist group that has captured a nuclear weapon they intend to launch against the United States from Canada. Doris and Balls get fired from their jobs when a mission results in a fatality, and their personal lives unravel while the bad guys gather strength and launch their plan. When it seems that no one else can save the United States, their former boss invites them back to save the country. Full of action sequences, lots of laughs, some silliness, and more than a handful of double entendres, sexual innudendos, and brief partial nudity, this unrated film will please anyone who appreciates low brow humor along the lines of There's Something About Mary, The Wedding Crashers, or Meet the Fockers.

The biggest surprise for me was the musical number, a rendition of Sounds of Silence that mimicked the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel. It was well done, especially within the context of a comedy.

I went to film because I have a family member who was involved on both sides of the camera and I wanted to see what he had been doing all summer. Having written two unsold screenplays myself, I went with an appreciation of the scope of effort required to make a full length film, and with respect for these kids for their passion. I was surprised by both the production quality and the on-camera talents, especially from the legion of volunteers, friends and family members who invested themselves in the project. In short, it was much better than I expected, and is quite an accomplishment for this young filmmaking team. I know we haven't heard the last from them.

There are trailers and other pieces of video available on various sources, including YouTube and Zanga. The Fairborn Daily Herald ran an article about the show last week.

Monday, July 31, 2006

FHS '86 Grad Gets Reality Show

If you have watched more than 10 minutes of any show on Bravo in the last month, you have seen a promo for Work Out, Bravo's newest reality show and the first fitness reality show. They highlight Jackie Warner (formerly Waddell), a blond, hard bodied trainer with a Hollywood A-list clientele and her own fitness business in Beverly Hills, Sky Sport and Spa. You may have heard the great reviews for the show from nearly everyone, including the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and Variety, with only a few cautions from Common Sense Media. You may also have heard that she's a lesbian, a power lesbian at that, and that she appeared on Ellen.

But did you know that she's from Fairborn? Or that her mom still lives here? Today's Dayton Daily News spills the beans on that.

She talked in an interview about how she couldn't come out as a lesbian in the 80s in Fairborn High School, and that made me think. That's almost 10 years after I graduated from PHHS, and while I knew a couple of my friends were gay, it wasn't public. I wonder if things are different in our schools today. In an upcoming episode, her mom visits and apparently mom doesn't approve of Jackie's lifestyle based on her conservative religious beliefs.

It's always exciting to see someone in your immediate neighborhood make it big, and Jackie has certainly put Fairborn on the map differently than any one before her. I wonder if the Fairborn City Schools will be placing her in the Hall of Fame along with other grads who have made a big mark on the world after leaving us.

I've just programmed my DVR to catch the rest of the season to see this local girl make a big splash.

Anyone out there remember Jackie? Anyone still in touch with her?