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The History of the FFD

History of the Fairborn Fire Department

View the History of the Fairborn Fire Dept. Slide Presentation by Lt Bob Shadowens.

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John F. Kennedy Visited Fairborn
October 17, 1960

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Fairborn Theater

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Fairborn Daily Herald

New! Bring back old memories with Fairborn Newspaper Ads of Yesterday


Fairborn, Ohio became a city in 1950 when the villages of Fairfield and Osborn, Ohio combined. The village of Osborn had been relocated after the 1913 flood to land adjacent to Fairfield. When the State of Ohio declared Fairborn a city it became the only city in the United States with that name.

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Fairborn, Ohio Area News
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Fairborn Fire Department History

Visit the History of the
Fairborn Fire Department

Fairborn Police Department

See the Fairborn Police Department Over the Years

Kennedy Visit in 1960


Fairborn Ohio City Building
WPAFB Air force Nuseum
Old Fairborn, Ohio F&M bank
Grand Opening of Fairborn Plaza in Fairborn Ohio
Grand Opening of Liberals in Fairborn, Ohio
Fairborn Library
Fairborn Library
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